Whether you’re a multi-national giant or a small independent business, your success online depends largely on one thing – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Without effective SEO that actively propels your website up the search engine rankings, any other money and effort you spend on your site is as good as wasted. To get to the very top you need professional SEO services of the highest calibre in Melbourne, and that’s where we come in.

We offer a comprehensive and holistic range of SEO services in Melbourne. We are a Melbourne based SEO company and our only interest is getting your website to the top of the search rankings and keeping it there. How can we do that? By bringing together a team of the very best Melbourne talents in site development, link building, analysis and SEO content creation, and by constantly striving to be the very best at what we do.

Link Building or Outreach as it is now known is constantly evolving.

Google has been known to move the goal posts quite often with what works, what doesn’t, and what may get you penalized. Are they really making it trickier just to make our lives more difficult? Or are they accommodating websites who have a legitimate strategy, and don’t want to use dishonest, underhand shortcuts to exploit the algorithm? We think the latter. In fact, all the Google updates thus far have helped make our lives easier, by giving way for our client’s websites, who are receiving links outreached from industry-relevant, useful places which aren’t part of a “link farm”, or websites that are just obviously built for SEO purposes.

The Internet, as the name suggests, depends on the linking together of all its component parts – individual websites and pages. Links help web users find related information, and for this reason search engines put a lot of stock in how many other websites link to yours, and more importantly which websites are linking to yours.

Search engines can provide geo-targeted results to consumers now to help improve their overall browsing session. Creating a campaign to tackle those results is called “Local SEO”. It helps to ensure you reach customers near you, and whether you’re looking to rank for “Chinese Takeaway Melbourne” or “Military Surplus Leeds,” we can help.

Our process not only helps to make certain your profiles are claimed, but it can also control the information online about you across the Internet. We’ll optimise your results based on how your potential customers may think about your business and distribute business directory listings for your shop across a variety of sites and portals. We even work to make sure there’s a consistent message out there and that you can manage it from a single location. What’s more is that our regional SEO services in Melbourne can help to increase the number of mentions your business and profile gets.


Creating visibility is the goal of any SEO campaign, and in some cases, you may not need a full team of SEO professionals on your side to help. Perhaps you already have a marketing department in-house to handle much of the heavy lifting required as you work on your SEO strategy. Maybe you simply need some feedback on your efforts so far. It could be that an outside perspective at this stage would be helpful.

Enter our SEO consulting services

We offer you the detailed needs analysis necessary to keep you on track and help you develop the best approach for your upcoming campaign. You can purchase use our services on a retainer basis or by the hour depending on your needs. Not sure how SEO consulting may be able to help? Here are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Assistance to Internal Teams: Many larger companies today have online marketing teams in place to handle all of their SEO work. We help to enhance your team’s efforts by offering the details necessary to help implement a solid approach that will help improve your company’s rankings. These services work best for companies that already have the resources to put a plan in place but don’t always have the knowledge necessary to build that plan at the outset.
  • Assistance During Site Updates and Redesigns: Updating your site these days is an absolute must. A fresh look with additional content and features can do wonders for your business, but it can also destroy your rankings. We can help ensure that doesn’t happen as you work to redesign your site.
  • Assistance with New Ventures: Whether you’re creating a new division of your company or you have a brand new enterprise, we can help offer you the strategy you need during the development phase. We’ll provide an analysis of your competition as well as a strategy to help you move forward. Services like these can help you keep costs to a minimum while helping to maximize results.

No matter what you use our SEO consulting services for, we can offer you the help you need. We can even set up a webinar to help eliminate the need for travel entirely. Our areas of expertise include SEO, pay-per-click, social media strategy, reputation management, website design and development, brand design, and conversion evaluations.

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There are so many different aspects to good optimisation, and several of them aren’t readily viewable to visitors. Sure, you can see some SEO efforts like the URL, headers, and keywords within the body text, but others aren’t quite as easy to see like site speed. That doesn’t, however, mean that they’re not just as important, and we’ll work to cover every aspect of SEO to meet your needs, including technical SEO.

Technical optimisation can best be seen through the source code of a site, and search engine bots look at it all of the time. We take a careful look at IP detection and redirection, your site speed, 301 and 302 redirects, http headers, javascript, and Flash to make certain you’re getting the benefit of this aspect of SEO.

Wondering if you really need technical SEO help? Take a moment to explore some of the problems sites just like yours experience every day.

  • Imagine you have a site that redirects visitors based on their location. For example, a visitor from Melbourne might land on your .au site while a French visitor would land on your .fr site. This is a great way to increase your conversion rates, but for the search engines, it can be problematic. In fact, they may only ever see your .au site, which may damage your rankings.
  • Fast has been better for years, and search engines are finally taking that into account. If your site is slow to load, Google is going to notice and could diminish your rankings as a result.
  • Maybe you’ve moved domains. Perhaps you need to redirect visitors for a bit while you perform maintenance. Search engines can look unkindly at both of these unless you’re properly using 301 and 302 redirects. Any other redirects should be off limits, and if you improperly use them, you can expect to see it in your scores.
  • Using the wrong header codes? Users and search engines alike need solid header codes to see your pages, and if you haven’t properly optimised your site for this aspect, you could be overlooking an important aspect of your rankings.
  • Google doesn’t automatically crawl every section of your site. As a result, if you’re wasting Google’s time on pages you don’t care about, your score is going to reflect the problem. Good site architecture is the only way to avoid this.
  • If you’re placing valuable content in javascript or even content and links you want to hide from Google in javascript, you have a problem. Search engines regularly trip on javascript, and while they’re getting better at it all the time, putting the content on the page is an absolute must. We can help you use techniques that look just as good as javascript but aren’t quite as problematic.

Ignoring technical SEO concerns could be a real problem for your site. Let us help with an evaluation now. We are a Melbourne based SEO services company. Contact us for more details.

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Why us?

There are, it’s safe to say, a great many companies offering SEO services to Melbourne businesses, so why should you choose us? For a start, we can tailor our approach specifically to your business. Some agencies scale their services so that only large corporations with large budgets can afford them, while others don’t have the capacity to take on larger clients. We pride ourselves on being a SEO services company in Melbourne that can cater for the needs of clients of all sizes.

Then there’s the fact that we are dedicated to keeping up with current trends in SEO. We know that an algorithm change by Google here or a little tweak by Bing there can drastically alter the balance of the SERPs, and that’s why we constantly keep an eye on what’s going on so we can tailor our approach, and your website, accordingly.


SEO services Melbourne and beyond

Our main office is in Melbourne, but we offer our SEO services to businesses in Melbourne and on a global scale. We can work with you and any marketing strategies you already have in place, to position your website exactly where it will be seen by not only the most people, but, more importantly, by the right people. If you’re managing a start-up taking its first tentative steps in the digital world, we can help you to establish a solid presence in the search engine results in a relatively short space of time.

If on the other hand you are a big fish brand constantly under threat of having your market share nibbled at by shoals of little fish, we can cement your presence at the top and help you stay there. To find out more about our SEO services and exactly how we can help you, contact us to discuss your needs today.